Friday, 12 August 2011

Make money online with Cash Crate

   This is all about GPT, Which I just learned today means Get Paid To.  These are websites where members get paid to complete various activities such as completing offers, surveys or referring their friends.  I thought it'd be worth a look and that's what i have just done; it seems legitimate to me so I have signed up.  The minimum payout is $20.00 and you get $1 for joining.  Unlike many sites offering you easy cash it does actually look as though it is possible to reach the minimum payout and get your hands on real money!  They pay via paypal and although it is in dollars it isn't a problem (I am in uk).  I will post back again in a few weeks with how it goes, but for what it's worth i'm giving it a go.  Heres a link if you want to try it too


Monday, 8 August 2011

Earn money online answering questions

  If you are looking to earn money online one way is to get paid for answering other peoples' questions.  It is actually possible to make between 10p and 30p for each question!  All you need is a computer, broadband internet and a little general knowledge and you could work online.
  There are a variety of text answering services in the UK who are often on the look out for more people to research and answer the questions they are sent.  Questions will come from a range of categories and countries.
  Three companies that I am aware of are Any Questions Answered (AQA), ANSA, and Texperts.  All three of these offer you the chance to make money free from home.  Do as much or as little as you like, whether you really want to go all out with the earn money online idea or just bag yourself a little extra cash this can definitely be a good work online opportunity.
  So you want to get started?..  Applying to one of the companies is obviously your first step.
  1. ask you to do a quiz first and if you pass will request your details and get in touch with you
  2. Any Questions Answered ( require you to email them at quoting reference code UK-IB/FR/UK1 if you are in the united kingdom.  Next they will send you an application, get you to do a little test and (upon your success) you'll begin answering questions.
  3. ANSA ask that you register with them online at where you'll do a small test to ensure that you're capable of sourcing answers to questions.  If you're accepted you will start off as an apprentice researcher.  This means that all of your answers will be fielded by the admin team until  they are sure of your proficiency and you can go it alone.
If any of this sounds as if it might be right for you then try it!  It could be just what you have been looking for and you have nothing to lose as it costs nothing!  You could work online for a little bit of extra cash or even earn money online full time.  Try it and best of luck.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Make extra cash with surveys

  Do you want to earn a little extra cash?  Maybe you are trying to save for a holiday or a car and are looking for ways you can easily build up your savings.  Paid surveys can provide some help.  They're not going to replace a full time wage but can definitely help and are, certainly, one way of how to make money free from home.
  Completing online surveys in your spare time means you are not tied to a part time job outside the home or a strict schedule inside it either.  It is as flexible as you want it to be and with a little time invested, consistently, each day will build you up a little extra cash over the year.  You will not be required to have any specialist knowledge or experience - companies will pay you for what you think and not what you know.
  Some survey sites will only pay out in vouchers or in points which you can exchange for different things.  The ones to look out for are the ones that will pay out in cash.  They will all have a minimum payout amount which differs across the different sites.  There are a few you can try out for yourself to see if they might suit you:

  •  Pays by cash into a personal bank account when you reach at least 10 EURO in credit.
  •  Pays by cash into a paypal account when your earnings reach a minimum of £20.00
  • surveyhead  Pays by cash into a paypal account when your balance reaches $25.00 or more

Give these a go or google some others to try.  Just be aware that they are best used regularly and consistently in order to build extra cash over time - not to make you rich!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Welcome to Free money from home

Welcome to Make money free from home and to the world of getting out of the rat race! Are you sick and tired of not having enough time and money to get the enjoyment you need from your life? Are you looking for ways to escape the trap of modern working life and financial hardship or just want extra cash? Then you are probably ready to focus on new ways that can bring you and your loved ones the money to live your life without spending all of your quality time at work.
I know it can all seem quite daunting when you first look into how you can earn money online, especially if you have no special or professional skills to get you started, but it can be done. There are a lot of tricksters out there who know you desperately want some extra cash and will promise you earnings of hundreds of pounds or dollars a day for fifteen minutes work. Then they will sell you some useless information that isn’t what you thought and refuse to refund you (probably just ignore you) when it doesn’t work! So what are you supposed to do? Don’t flush your money down the toilet on too good to believe, get rich quick schemes - instead give your self a fighting chance by accepting that you probably need to take your time, start small and piece some of the more genuine ideas together in order to truely make money free from home. 

Monday, 1 August 2011

Ways to make money free from home

  There are plenty of different ways in which you can make money free from home. Whether you’re looking for extra cash or to start a website for a full time income there are a plethora of methods you can try to earn money online.  In this post I will out line various available opportunities and summarise a little information about each. Over the coming posts I will cover in greater depth home business ideas, the steps, knowledge and resources needed to accomplish them.
Online surveys: These sites are free to join and operate on either a cash or points payout system. They don’t require experience or set-up capitol but nor will they earn you an income. They take quite a while to reach minimum payout and will only ever get you an extra little bonus. I guess it depends what you are looking for. Survey sites were not for me!

Answering questions: There are sites (such as Cha Cha) that pay people to work for them, from home, answering questions that a lot of us would just search ourselves; such as “what year was the great fire of London?”. From what I can gather though it isn’t necessarily as easy as all that as a search engine will not deliver a speedy pin point answer every time to every possible question. Speed and accuracy would be a must! I know that for me personally with my skills there would be no full time income here!

Blogging: Blogs are far more than personal diaries now a days! They can be used to advertise and market all sorts of things for all sorts of people (including yourself). There are free platforms available for you if you want to start your own blog such as Blogger or Word press. Blogger is my personal favourite as it is so quick and easy to use that it doesn’t really interfere with my other work online. Unless you are very familiar, both with blogging and the subject you blog about, it can end up taking up a whole lot of your time without earning you much or earning it over night so isn't necessarily one of your best home business ideas if that's what you're after!

Ebay: You have all heard of it, so you’ll know what I am going to say next. You could sell unwanted items on eBay if your after a bit of extra cash or if you want more of an income you could try researching saleable products so that you can buy and sell. Personally it isn’t for me but plenty of people clean up if they put the work in. In a later post I will try and link you in with some valuable resources about this and do a little research of my own so that I can asess the potential and advise you better.

Freelancing online: Farm out any skills you have using the internet. Proof reading, editing, typing, language translation…Anything you are competent at that there is a need for! There are sites (such as e-lance) where you can peruse assignments people want you to do. It isn’t something I have tried but I have friends that do it quite successfully so I know enough to put a post together for you over the coming weeks.

Article writing: Not quite free lancing in that with most sites you aren’t assigned things to write you just write them and get them published (on sites like Xomba and Triond). These type of sites make revenue by putting google ad sense adverts on the copy their members contribute. You make money because they will share that revenue with you. There is a skill to it, and to be honest the money I made was very slim, but if your looking for a little bonus builder then give it a try. I will advise on researching article titles and content as well as sign up and other uses for these sites in later posts.  It’s one we will re-visit but I will say that it can have great income potential over a long period of time.

Affiliate marketing: This is where you get paid to promote someone else’s products or services either through a website or a blog and in some cases through forums and other methods of advertising. It is in no way a simple thing to do and could earn you anything between a little extra cash and a fortune.  Also there are even ways you can go about it where it really doesn't cost a penny to start up.  It really depends how much time you have and how well you can get a handle on all of what is involved. We will definitely spend some posts discussing this one!

Well, apart from some of the more seedy ways to make money online (not the sort of thing I personally condone), we have covered most viable options. I will stay on the lookout for things I have missed and new opportunities as they arise for you to make money free from home but for now I will leave it there.